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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

In my wildest dreams

You hear about the crazy dreams that can often come with pregnancy. I had some, but can I just say one of the awesome side affects of the meds that I am on, is the most vivid, craziest, whacked out dreams ever. And I love them! I am sure some of my family can recall the crazy dreams that I have told them. It is like living in a wonderland away from my real life, a little escape where anything and everything is possible! But there is no real depression or anxiety. I often wake up with a smile on my face when I recall the world I have just been to.

It is not at all odd for me to singing alongside Pink of an evening, or one time I remember Katy Perry telling me that she could not make it for our normal Wednesday night dinner date, so could we make it lunch instead. we were just going to pop around the corner for a noodle box! After all, this chick has a pretty busy schedule. Strolling through towns that I know, but are not quite the same, meeting old and new friends.. If I was good with art I could easily draw full images of my dreams, they are in that much detail. But not all good, I remember last week my husband and I were dancing through car park and I felt all the amazing emotions you would feel in real life.. We strolled through the shop which appeared to be Safeway, but with so much more (I think the dips were also next to the plant section?).. My hubby was asked to come into the other room for a minute, and I did not see him for days after. I was so worried he has been taken I cried and cried and we tried every avenue to look for him. None of the family seemed all too phased, checking in now and then to see if I had heard from him. Then one night when sitting down to tea he just strolls up the driveway. I ran out and gave him the biggest hug asking what had happened. He said he just popped away to help someone with some work they were doing.. Ahh Hello, where was my phone call? That did not seem to even cross his mind and he could not understand why I was so upset and angry. I think I woke with tears in my eyes.

I am sure if I told my dreams to one of those dream reader shrink people, they would tell me they all mean something (or they would have me committed).. But for now I will just enjoy the crazy that visits me of a night time.. My own little world!

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