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Tuesday, March 29, 2011


I am part of an amazing support group via facebook, all fellow PND sufferers, near and far from around the country. I have met some amazing girls and been supported with no questions or pressure. We help each other through the darkest days with no explanation required, because we all understand. Started by an amazing woman that I look up to. Although she struggles just like the rest of us in the group, she is so strong and shows such courage and determination to support those around her. I look forward to meeting her in the near future.

But recently we had one member of the group leave, as she felt that she was in such a good place that she did not need us any more. Like AA or similar, this is one of those groups where not needing to be a 'member' anymore is a good thing. We all said goodbye and although sad to see her leave, we were so happy for her at the same time. But this got me thinking.. at what point are you classed as no longer suffering PND? Feeling good for a week, a month, a year? I can definitely say it takes more than a week, I have had a few good weeks only to fall in the hole just as deep as before. But do you become 'cured' at some point, in remission so to speak? This is something I can't yet answer, but so many times I have questioned how long does this have to last. I hear people saying they suffered for months, years, or have their youngest as kinder aged children and are still suffering.

There is no time limit, every one is different in how they suffer and how long they suffer for. But I guess it is the rollercoaster and not knowing that makes it hard. We all feel down at some point, so when in my life can I class it as just feeling down rather than suffering depression... I hate even saying that word, depression. It feels like such an ugly label. But it is reality, and you would think after this long I would be able to shout it from the roof tops without feeling ashamed or embarrassed. I would like to think that later in life, when I am 'cured' I can spend some of my time helping others in need, helping them to find their cure!

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