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Thursday, March 17, 2011

No Fault

So here I could become the stereotypical teen and blame mum and dad for everything! Its all your fault that I have these hang ups and views, that I have labeled my self in certain ways. But I say this with that sarcastic tone that I use too often, because there is no blame. And if it was anyone in the worlds fault that I am crazy, it definitely would not be mum and dad.

One thing you need to know about my mum and dad, is that they are some of my best friends. I like to refer to them as 'my people'. There are a very select number of people that when I am feeling so very low, just having them near makes the sun shine again.. I call these select number of people 'my people'. Back in school it was very uncool to have your folks as you best friends, but it really is awesome! I feel sorry for people who don't have a good relationship with their parents.

My parents always said I was the 'helpful one', the 'easy one', which to all people (including myself) is a compliment.. so this is where my complex of 'aiming to please' has come from. But I don't blame them that this has kinda helped with the crazy, I took this and labeled my self with it. Funny that praise can turn out that way. But I can say that my 50s housewife views and need to control and do everything comes from mum.. and she knows it!! I joke all the time that she has made me crazy, but in fact she was just trying to be the best mum she could be.. so much so that I just wanted to be the same. I wanted to be my mum! So again, no fault mum, in fact take it as a compliment that your daughter has turned her self crazy, just so she could be like you :)

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