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Friday, March 4, 2011

Perfect... Just the way I am

Ok so I am not quite on board with this, there is still a lot of cover ups and coping mechanisms in place, but I am working towards excepting this. Excepting that I am perfect, just the way I am. That it is all my little imperfections that make me the perfect mum and perfect person. So to become more accepting of my self, I need to take pride in the things that I do that are not perfect, but all together make me who I am..

My god where to start...? I have stretch marks! Not just those from having my kids, but also those from just growing over the years. I also have cellulite.. Yep I admitted it, and anyone who says they don't have any (trying to prove they are perfect), well I don't believe you! I am sure there are people out there who do not, but I am yet to meet one. I try to cover the bits I don't like.. in my aim to appear perfect, but we all know its there! I don't look down on anyone else who has lumps, bumps and gooey bits, so why do I think that people would think any less of me? My clothes range from a size 8 to a size 14. Yep that's right! Size 8 or 10 might be perfect... but I am perfect just the way I am.

I have been know to open a packet of M&Ms of an evening, and eat the whole lot my self. This probably explains the cellulite! But it puts a smile on my face (and maybe another cm on my belly). But I am perfect just the way I am.

I strive for perfection (well at least my idea of perfection). A clean and organised house, freshly baked treats, healthy home cooked meals, and creative hand made items. And I do succeed in doing this, some of the time! Looking around right now my house looks pretty damn clean.. however do not open my cupboards as they are mayhem. My wardrobe is full of 'sky hooks', under my bed lives everything that gets dumped next to it and kicked under when on a cleaning frenzy. At night I don't always clean up the kids toys, they are only going to get them out tomorrow. My craft desk is full of unfinished projects, and the cute cakes I try to make for my kiddies... I can thank Betty Crocker for that! I decorate my self, but the base is all Betty! And tonight's home cooked meal is thanks to the chefs in the Lean Cuisine kitchen (although my husband is heading off to work with a home cooked meal.. made last night!) But I am perfect.. Just the way I am.

I am a lazy recycler.. it depends on my mood weather the empty cereal box gets put in the recycling bin, or if it gets filled with cooking scraps and general rubbish and thrown in the bin. I use my dryer.. in summer! I do not have the space, time or inclination to hang up washing all day every day, especially when my kids easily go though one outfit a day, not including any accidents or major mess ups. And on that note, I like to send my kids out in nice looking clean clothes. However if I dress them and I notice texta or that mornings breakfast up the sleeve, bugger it, I picked it you can wear it! My kids don't have a bath every night of the week.. if they have lazed about the house all day what does it matter. They will have a quick wash before bed! But I am perfect just the way I am!!!

Now I can assure you that I will contradict my self on one or more of the above items over the next few days. I will have a last minute guest and will stress out because there is toys all over the place (the kids are in bed so no excuses). Mothers guilt will set in at the lack of home cooked meals blah blah blah, but I am working on excepting my self as perfect, just the way I am.

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