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Friday, December 31, 2010

The Price of Skinny

In the space of around 4 weeks in the new year, I lost a good 7kgs. I can hear soo many new mums out there muttering 'bitch' under their breath, but can I just say I would be happy to have gained the kgs if it meant skipping all the rest of the crap that came with it.

Feeling so sick from anxiety it just fell off, and it hurt, it physically hurt. My ribs would ache and my body felt generally weak. I guess I could smile a little when looking in the mirror thinking 'baby weight? What baby weight? But I was actually 7kgs below my pre-baby weight, so this was in addition to any baby weight. I was by no means feral skinny, but on friend did later tell me she thought I was looking a little sickly in the face.

I am happy these days to look in the mirror and see the little bit of podge that exists near my mid section, to see that my bum wobbles that little bit more, and my pants no longer fall off, they stay where they are meant to! I look in the mirror and remind my self of the price of skinny. A bit of 'chub' to me means a more mentally stable mind. God do I still look at the 'perfectly skinnies' and mutter under my breath.. but I am happier! So I guess if you think about it, chocolate really was a valuable friend!! I will stick with this theory..

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