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Monday, December 27, 2010

Where it all started..

Prior to having kids, I would like to think of my self as a happy, easy going but well organised person. Boy did I love to be organised. The idea of having an event, holiday, party etc would get me excited just at the thought of all the aspects that I could organise. To the extent of having excel spreadsheets for numerous events such as my wedding, NZ Holiday, even the budgets for numerous items when I moved out of home (I did not want to be caught out!) Not quite as bad as Monica from Friends, but you get the idea. Some would say this is just common sense, to others this is anal and over the top. I have my dad to thank for these traits.. he too diarises all the big plans, writes the date, price and place of purchase (or who gave as a gift) on the inside of books, maps and alike items. But I love it and can see my self becoming this person. 

The unexpected is not something I would welcome, but always liked to have a plan for the worst case scenario. And I think that these traits is part of what made my life more difficult in the first few years of my children's lives. I mean, who can really be that organised and plan everything down to the letter with little kids? We know that they are going to spill juice on their clean shirt that was picked out and set aside weeks ago just as you walk out for an important family event. Or as you are at the checkout with a thousand and one people waiting impatiently behind you, you know that is when they will choose to throw the tantrum of the century and cling on to the nearest grounded item so you can not drag them away. That's life! That's kids! Little did I know that difficult babies and their unpredictable behaviour is what sent my subconscious mind into melt down and knocked my well organised and mentally stable mind for 6 when it really hit in.

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