This is the life of me, here and now. Wife, Mum of two beautiful ratbags, and trying to find me in there somewhere too! Blogging the thoughts and journey through PND that has me where I am today. This is the life of my Happy (and sometimes not so happy) Mayhem..

Monday, December 27, 2010

Where to start...

Well I guess to start with a little on me, I almost feel like I should be starting with Dear Diary. Ok Beck.. 26 Years old, married for nearly 5 years and have two beautiful kiddlets, Lachie almost 3yo and Mikayla-Jane 14mth old. I am pretty much living the basic elements of my childhood dream.. married, two kids (a boy and a girl of course) and a house with a picket fence.

All I ever wanted was to be a mum. I am sure this was the case since I was born. You are always told that being a mum is hard, kids are hard.. life's hard! Of course I am not totally naive, I knew being a mum would be hard.. but never did I realise the ups and downs that really come with having children...

I can definitely say that nothing makes me smile as much as the beautiful moments we have with our kids and almost feel sorry for those that don't want kids as they will never have these moments. But I just can't help but look back over the past 3 years and remember so many times that it was not all smiles and laughs.. infact a lot of it was tears and heartache.. But I think we are approaching happier times (I remain hopeful!)

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